Japan Week Update

Well, we’re gearing towards the end of the Japan Week that Alexa and I have been your host to on Tattoo.TV. Of course, just because the week’s almost over, that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop caring. Hell no. Things are still going nuts within the tattoo community, and I want to be right there directing you towards your local studio’s efforts to raise money in Japan. Here’s some news on that.

So, I set up a page! It’s just a humble little page on this website, but it’s hopefully going to shape up to be a directory of sorts, where you can check in and see what everyone’s up to. So far, I’ve been slaving away making sure there are as many things as possible up there for you all- and I’m still not even finished!

Here it is.

Okay, what next? Oh yes, Japan Week itself. Of course, the week isn’t actually over, and Alexa and I should have a couple of things to go up in the weekend, but here’s the Tattoo.TV links to articles we’ve had this week:

Introduction to Japan Week

“Japanese Tattoo Designs” Book

Tattooing for Japan

Northern Liberty Tattoo

Tattooers for Japan + A Message from Dave Allen

Diamond Jim’s Auction

Ink for Aid

Waverly Color Co.

Also, here are some great links to check out from other tattoo websites around the world:

Tattoo Revolution’s blog has two posts, here and here!

Marisa at Needles and Sins posted here with what she’s seen so far, and has promised updates on Chad Koeplinger and Horitaka’s t shirts!

TattooSnob.com posted here about Tattooers for Japan

The ever-growing response to these disasters from the tattoo industry has been absolutely phenomenal, and it’s been extremely heart-warming to see it all take off. Tattooers, studios, suppliers and writers have been trying their best to help as much as they can, which is lovely. The tattoo industry has always been so kind towards charities, and it’s something I’m very proud to be a part of.

As always, if there’s anything you want to go up on our Japan 2011 page, feel free to comment, send things in, contact us– whatever. I’ll make sure to get the word out for you. This is your site too!

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