Jakub Settgast on Tattoo Snob

Yesterday, TattooSnob.com posted up a really great interview with Jakus Settgast, who works in Immer und Ewig Tattooing (Hamburg) and owns Esoteric Gentlemens Club (Berlin). The interview’s a real pleasure to read- much like most interviews they have on their website! Here’s a snippet:

TS: Describe your ideal tattoo client. Ever had the pleasure of tattooing a client like this?

Jakub: That video is not available anymore, but I guess it’s this thing with the screaming girl or something like that? Well as everybody I had some of fainters, couple of people cried, normal stuff, no YouTube potential. I just do what I have to do and when I have really hard customers that make my job impossible at the moment I just break the sitting and tell them to go home and chill. I’m the “outline nazi” so if they move too much I can get really mean! As for the perfect customer, it’s someone that comes to me cause she/he knows my work, someone open for lots of different ideas, and someone who sits like a trooper cause I like to pull my 20cm lines at once. I appreciate every single customer that I get, it doesn’t matter if it’s a whole back piece or a small tattoo, I’m happy that people are coming to me, that they recognize my work, it means a lot to me, even if it doesn’t for them.

The whole interview can be found here– make sure you check it out and show Tattoo Snob a bit of love! Their artist interviews are always my favourite.

Jakub Settgast – Tattoo Snob


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