Thomas Morgan and Charlie Roberts coming to Inkslingers, Newcastle!

As you can imagine, I am very excited.

Yep, you read the headline right, both Thomas Morgan and Charlie Roberts will be visiting the best city in the world this month, to do some guest spots at Inkslingers Tattoo Studio in Newcastle. Great stuff! The guys will be here from March 24th. From Ian Parkin:

I cannot stress how amazing it is to have two artists of this calibre guesting with us – Thomas is an amazing old-school tattooer, with an excellent work ethic – you may have even seen him at work on the television show ‘Tattoo Highway’ on DMAX.  Charlie Roberts is the son of Bob Roberts; founder of Spotlight in LA; and alongside his father, is a legend in his own right.


Appointments are available with these two legends; but please remember that studio time is limited, due to their hectic travel schedule – inbox myself; or Thomas directly for info.


No chumps; timewasters or general dickheads.  Grab the opportunity to get some real prestigious tattoos.


You heard the man. Book in ASAP.

Picture from Thomas’ Facebook page.

UPDATE: Thomas and Charlie will now be in Newcastle this month, from the 24th of March.

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