Black Roses this Friday

Black Roses, the brand new one-off radio drama about Sophie Lancaster’s life and death (click here if you’re not too sure who she is), will be on what my dad calls a “wireless set” this week. The show, which is on BBC Radio 4 at 2.15 PM, will have spoken pieces from her mother, Sylvia, and poetry by Simon Armitage spoken by Rachael Austin portraying Sophie. To give you a bit of a taste for it, here’s a poem by Simon which was on the BBC’s website:

I didn’t do sport.
I didn’t do meat.
Don’t ask me to wear that dress:
I shan’t.
Why ask me to toe the line,
I can’t.
I was slight or small
but never petite,
and nobody’s fool;
no Barbie doll;
no girlie girl.
I was lean and sharp,
not an ounce of fat
on my thoughts or my limbs.
In my difficult teens
I was strange, I was odd,
– aren’t we all –
there was something different down at the core.
Boy bands and pop tarts left me cold,
let’s say
that I marched to the beat
of a different drum,
sang another tune,
wandered at will
through the market stalls
humming protest songs.

I wore studded dog leads
around my wrist,
and was pleased as punch
in the pit, at the gig,
to be singled out
by a shooting star
of saliva from Marilyn Manson’s lips.

But for all that stuff
in many ways an old fashioned soul,
quite at home
in my own front room,
on my own settee.
I read, I wrote,
I painted, I drew.
Where it came from
no one knows
but it flowed. It flowed.

It would be great to see all of you Sophie supporters tuning in, and it would be even better to see everyone who isn’t sure about her too, as this looks like it’ll be powerful enough to really make you think about such a beautiful unique young woman, whose life was so tragically taken from her just because she chose to be “a bit different”, not too unlike some of you guys.

To see all of the details, click here. Also, check out the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

One Response to “Black Roses this Friday”
  1. Maria says:

    I have just listened to the play and I’m still in tears. What a wonderful, powerful piece. I really hope that it was/will be heard by youngsters who would be prepared to perpetrate some awful crime and maybe/hopefully they’d be led down a different path after listening. May the beautiful Sophie rest in peace and strength to her family.

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