Suffolk County Meeting TODAY.

If anyone’s unaware of this, I’ll fill you in first- Cliff White and his pals from Suffolk County (New York) are hopefully about to make history. Well, not a whole lot of history, but we can all hope it’s the start of something, right? You see, they’re off to see if a bill to make the sale of equipment to unlicensed tattooists illegal can become law. The possibilities of this becoming a proper law in the county could snowball into something wonderful, if we let it.

From an article I put up on Tattoo.TV on Friday:

The bill that has passed is being hailed as the first of its kind in America, which is great stuff! If it’s enforced as a law, it will mean that it will be illegal to sell tattoo equipment to anyone who doesn’t have a licence to tattoo in the Suffolk County area. The sale of equipment to those without a licence is something that those in the tattoo industry mostly see as an issue, so this is really great progress. If this bill becomes law, and is successful, it may mean that it’ll be able to become something a little more widespread, with new laws and legislations popping up that protect licensed artists and their customers, and make it a lot harder to tattoo someone without a licence.

Cliff posted on his Facebook updates before that he was on his way to the meeting to put their case forward. Tomorrow, I’ll hopefully follow this up with some great news!


Above picture from Midwest Irons

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