I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been glued to Charlie Sheen’s Twitter page. Like over 1 million other people, I’m strangely fascinated by being able to see the meltdown of the tiger-blooded hero in hourly updates. It seems I’m in good company, as Alex Pardee has even produced a brand new print of Charlie himself. A quote from Alex via follows, but look out- it’ll melt your face off:

So, Charlie Sheen is all hopped up on an 8-ball of uncut Charlie Sheen and his tiger-blood seems to be pumping so angrily that he has gone a little MAD! Well guess what?! I love a little friendly competition between warlocks, so I decided to go a little crazy too!! In addition to stirring up a bloody (and 100% accurate) little homage to the only thing that has been able to unite us and distract us from Libya, Wisconsin & Egypt, I am also GIVING AWAY THE HUGE-ISH ORIGINAL DRAWING that I created for this print FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE! In honor of WINNING!!!

Simply purchase ANY GICLEE PRINT ON MY WEBSTORE between NOW and THIS SUNDAY, March 6, at 11PM. Everyone who purchases a print will be entered into a drawing and Monday (March 7) morning I will draw a name and send you the original drawing. Take it from Charlie, it’s THAT SIMPLE to WIN!!!! Now GO! WIN! WIN! WIN! Or else your face will melt off in front of your screaming children!

If you had a bet as to when even your favourite tattoo blogs would be talking about Charlie, “a couple of days” makes you a warlock winner. Here’s the print in full:


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