New Zealand Earthquake Appeal

After the recent earthquake in New Zealand, Tattoo Revolution has passed on a message from Mike Hicks (Spike at the Art studio, Plymouth), which I thought I’d pass on here too. I do try not to re-post news too much, but like Alex said in his post, the tattooed community can be extremely generous folk (just look at the amount of art classes you’ve given to kids from this site! Wow!), so it’s definitely more than worth re-posting this in the hope it finds you all.

From Tattoo Revolution:

I write in the hope of raising awareness to the recent earthquake in New Zealand.

Sadly tattoo artist, Matti Makeekan from Southern Ink, lost his life, with his receptionist left with a broken back. At least five other studios have been destroyed, possibly more, a number of artists and tattoo enthusiasts were injured.

An artist fund has been set up to aid all concerned in the tattoo community and help cope with the loss.

Any donations will be gratefully recieved, Tattoo Artist EQ Fund Acc No-3890110425988000.

For more info re donations or how to show support, please contact Sue Moore via, or

Our love and best wishes go out to all concerned. Thanks for your support.

Mike, Julia and staff at Spike at the Art


EDIT: Apologies for the typo in the header- I’m such a scatterbrain. Thank you to The Undertaker for the correction.

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