Science Says So!

imageI’m not sure if I’ve told you guys this before, but I’m actually currently writing a university dissertation about the prejudice and discrimination still held towards those with tattoos. It’s a lot more depressing than you might think, so when I’m building up a giant reading list, seeing something like this really makes my day.

This is an article I found on (yep, I’m a nerd, too) about a great piece of research that’s just been done about students’ attitudes towards tattooed teachers- and for once, it’s all come up Millhouse for us tattooed folks! From io9:


“128 undergraduates’ perceptions of tattoos on a model described as a college instructor were assessed. They viewed one of four photographs of a tattooed or nontattooed female model. Students rated her on nine teaching-related characteristics. Analyses indicated that the presence of tattoos was associated with some positive changes in ratings: students’ motivation, being imaginative about assignments, and how likely students were to recommend her as an instructor.”

imageBrilliant! We all hear a lot about the newer generations being a lot more open minded about the world, and it’s really nice to see that this extends to tattooing too. This reminds me a lot of a teacher called Bruce Potts (pictured), who teaches in America with a full face tattoo, and is adored by his students. Things like this really make me smile, and while we’re not out of the woods just yet as far as tattoos and employment go, it’s great to see that people’s attitudes are starting to be a lot more welcoming towards the tattooed!

Click here for io9’s article (for the pedantic among you, I believe that is scarification in the picture too, haha).

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