App Watch: Ed hardy iPhone Application

Hi friends- I’m feeling much better today, so let’s get some work done! Today’s point of call is the new-ish iPhone application from Ed Hardy.

imageThe app is brought to you, as previously said, from Ed hardy (or whoever’s in charge of his work these days, perhaps Christian Audigier?). There is a section where you can take some of Ed’s work, and put it together to make something of your own- it’s in the “tattoo artist” section, though it seems to bring up pictures of t shirts you can put your design on. I know Ed’s known for selling t shirts these days, but it does seem weird this is in a section called “tattoo artist”. Never mind though, because the work on it is up to his usual fabulous standard (and you can choose not to put it on a picture of a t shirt anyway!). Ed Hardy’s artwork is brilliant, and some of his best pieces are included in here- which is why my favourite section is the wallpapers, showing off some great pieces of work which you can save and use as a wallpaper for your phone or iPod Touch. I think I’d probably use this app to show some friends Ed’s work more than anything else, so I guess you could call it a mini-portfolio for your back pocket.

There’s not really much more to it than that, but if you’re bored and not going to miss the 59p, you might as well give it a download. The Ed Hardy Application can be found in the iTunes App Store.

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