Tattoo Revolution Needs Your Feedback!

imageI apologise today for the late post, I’m not feeling too great I’m afraid. Nothing to worry about, just a horrid headache and sleepiness! So, today I thought I’d refer you guys over to Tattoo Revolution, who are looking for some your opinions regarding females and tattooing. It’s a pretty tricky subject to write about, you see, so it’s really great to see writers get some feedback from other people instead of publishing their views as fact (no lies, I’ve seen people do it before!). All the guys would like are answers to these three questions:

a) I’d like to take a look at the way women are portrayed in the tattoo world and discuss whether they are considered equal to their male counterparts. Do you feel that men and women have a level playing field?

b) How do you perceive the tattooed pin-up genre? Is it a positive or negative element in the tattoo community?

c) The question of whether sex sells in tattooing. Are we (as a creative community) as susceptible to the age-old trick of beauty pushing a product as any other demographic? Would you/have you/do you buy a product because of the sexual imagery it uses, or even in spite of said imagery?

You can reply through their blog post here, through their Facebook, or by emailing It’s a great chance to have your voice heard, so get to it, guys!

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