Feel the Love at Inkslingers Today!


Well, it’s Valentine’s Day, everyone! Personally, I never knew St. Valentine, so I won’t bother celebrating his day- for those of you who do, though, Inkslingers in Newcastle Upon Tyne is doing some great specials today only on Valentines themed tattoos. Cool! Just above, you can see Paul Fulton’s great flash sheet he’s done for the day. This is a great set, so I’d run down to the studio now to avoid disappointment! It’s much better than a regrettable name tattoo, anyway ;) Off you go, children, get tattooed! Can’t get down today? Make sure you check out the guy’s fantastic work anyway by clicking here or popping into the shop for an appointment.

Oh, and as always, me putting this here means this artwork is online forever, with a date attached to it- try to steal it, and you look like an idiot. Don’t be a dick– it’s Valentine’s after all! (Hmm, starting to think “Don’t be a dick” should be our motto, haha!)

2 Responses to “Feel the Love at Inkslingers Today!”
  1. Haha, I used to have a sticker that said “Don’t Be a Dick” on my guitar case! Get them printed and they’ll be everywhere in no time. :)

  2. Mel Noir says:

    Haha, I should really, shouldn’t I! There’s just too many divvies out there man, I’d love to be able to just put things online without going to the bother of watermarking and saying things like that, but everything’s up for grabs these days mate! x

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