Crazy, Romantic Renegades–Todays Best Picks of the ‘Net

Today I have a lot of work to do, I’m afraid, but instead of deserting you guys like I did last week, I still have a post here for you all! Today I have three little news pieces for you all, from around the Internetz…



Every time I do one of these little posts I always end up linking to Marisa over at Needles and Sins. I don’t even care, she’s great. She doesn’t seem too happy today though, haha! I’ll leave it to her brilliant opening line to explain this one:

It’s official. On Tuesday, The Washington Post declared tattoos “mainstream,” thereby negating all the hard-earned street cred we’ve so desperately fought for.

Unlike Marisa, I never had any street cred to begin with.

Anyway, this is all about the WAPO’s article about tattooing, which at first does sound a bit crap, but it’s actually alright, and has words from Jack Rudy as well as some funny infographics.

Good job as always, mama.

Read all about it here!

Valentine’s show benefit for Children’s Hospital of LA



Hot on the heels of the guys at Evolution Tattoo, who are currently raising money for Oxford’s Children’s Hospital, a bunch of really great artists are doing an art benefit show for LA’s finest paediatricians. It’s this Sunday, at the Dolorosa Tattoo Studio, and features artists such as Daniel Albrigo, Nikko Hurtado and Seth Wood. The full post, including a bigger poster image and some more information, was found on today here.


Ten Craziest Tattoo Stories

The 3-year-old tattoo artist

Ah– what a bittersweet relationship we have. Oddee, if you haven’t seen them mentioned here before, is one of those websites that features tattooing a fair bit, but seems not to know much about them- but it’s always entertaining. Yesterday, they put up their 10 favourite “crazy” tattoo stories. Have you ever noticed, anything to do with tattooing on Oddee is labelled “crazy”? Oh well, I don’t mind, because this list may take you down memory lane a little, as it features stories from last year you may remember- like Ruby, the youngest tattooist in the world, or Mimi, the 101 year old grandma who’s got a taste for tattoo pigment! You’ll even see a picture from a piece which was here recently about a man who has the MINI logo tattooed on his penis, which he got to win a car. There’s even a picture on there, though I wouldn’t say it’s that NSFW, if you’re wondering. See the list here.

Right, more work and hopefully a little sleep for me now- see you all next week!

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