Halt, Thief! Watermarking your new Tattoo Pictures

The other day, a tattoo artist I know was in a right pickle- some idiot had taken loads of pictures of his work, and uploaded them to one of those rubbishy “rate my tattoo!” websites, claiming they were his own work. After a few of us banded together to pressure this idiot to delete his account, it got me thinking: why does this happen so often? There are so many idiots who’ll use other tattooist’s work to persuade people to hand over their cash, or even just to make themselves look “cool”.

Well, I think it’s stupid. No one should have to do this, but if you’re thinking about watermarking your photos, here are two simple ways to get it done- if you guys like it, let me know and we can go into the harder ways afterwards. This may get long, so click after the jump to see it:

UPDATE: After speaking to the lovely Jonik Clifford at Unique Canvas, we’ve managed to both find a great tutorial for Photoshop that you guys might like- you can find that here.

UPDATE #2: After a couple of emails I’ve received, I agree that I should remind you guys to keep the originals of your pictures, for things like tattoo magazines. It’ll make yours and our lives a lot easier, trust me!

For the Facebook, Twitter or Flickr users out there, I’d suggest using Photoshop or Paintshop Pro to watermark your pictures. Here’s a picture of my last tattoo, and the way I’ve done it. I’ve used Paintshop Pro here, but it really makes no difference, they both will work in the same way. It’s super simple. All you have to do is stick your image in via the “open” option, then from the “image” menu, find “watermark”. From there you can click on “Embed Watermark”, type in your name, or the name of whoever did the tattoo, and you’re done!


Ironically, the Embed Watermark feature doesn’t seem to be working on my computer- typical! No worries though, these programs always have a text feature, where you can make your own. This is where you may get a little stuck, but you can follow the numbers in the picture below.

All you really have to do is, open a new file (1), and write in the name you need, making sure the text goes in as a floating object (2). Then, you can copy the object into your picture as a new layer (right click on the top of the image’s window or use the “Edit” menu) (3), and play with the transparency settings from there(4).


I’m always rubbish with editing pictures, but even I could do this! Here’s my efforts:


Not too bad, eh? Of course, you don’t have to do this with your pictures of your work or your own tattoos, but it’s nice to know that you can! If you guys need any help understanding this and want to know more, just put a comment into the site, and I’ll email you back.

This will, of course, never stop idiots from stealing other people’s work, but it’s not too bad as a deterrent for when you really need it, so I hope this helps!

(Cartoon image source)

2 Responses to “Halt, Thief! Watermarking your new Tattoo Pictures”
  1. Jonik says:

    Hi Mel, hope you are well love, can you explain to me how i can do this on the Imac? in Photoshop?


    take care


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