Puppy love Facebook Update

While Melissa Hayward and Puppy Love still being fresh in our minds since Facebook took away Melissa’s Facebook profile last week, I’d love to be able to bring you all some good news, but no luck I’m afraid. In fact, things are getting even worse. Photographer Adelheid Walsh, who is one of the super cool photographers involved with the project, is also caught in Facebook’s cross fire.

It seems that someone out there, or perhaps a group of people, see no problem with constantly contacting Facebook and complaining about the girls’ mere existence- and Facebook are letting them win. What a shame that people have to be so stupid, eh?

From now on, Adelheid will no longer be updating her Facebook page with her brilliant pictures of tattooed people, alternative models and conventions- but she will always update her website, so I’ve promised her I’d stick a link up for you all to bookmark. Make sure you save the link below, and show Adelheid some support!

Adelheid Walsh

2 Responses to “Puppy love Facebook Update”
  1. Adelheid says:

    Thank you ever so much Mel!

  2. I can’t believe how much trouble Adelheid and Melissa have had of late. There are too many people out there who find it easier to criticise those who actually do something with their time than create something of their own.

    We’ve got your back!

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