Blog Watch: Jeff Rassier and Sharron Caudill

If you’re reading this, I guess it’s probably safe to assume you dig tattoo blogs. Over the past week, two new ones have found their way onto the Internetz which you should keep an eye on! The first super cool blog I’ve found lately is from Jeff Rassier, who works at Blackheart Tattoo studio, across the pond. Jeff is a really great tattoo artist, and even though his blog is brand new, I love it already! Jeff seems to already have a “thing” (as all great sites do. We should really have a “thing” if we want to be good.), which is his drawing of the day! Fabulous stuff already, click on Friday’s Drawing of the Day to get to Jeff’s blog.


The next new artist blog is from the super douper Sharron Caudill at Northern Soul, who is already making Tattoosday UK’s WordPress theme cry in jealousy. Sharron is a friend of mine, so I’ll take it personally if you don’t subscribe to her blog! I’m going to be really predictable to anyone who knows us both and tell you my favourite thing about her blog right now is being able to see the progress she’s making on her Alkaline Trio flash sheet! It’s great! Sharron is also tracking the progress of other projects, like her groovy Metallica one, and is also putting up shop information as and when it comes. Click on one of my favourites so far from her Alkaline Trio set to see her blog!


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