This is Not a Trend


Geordie mime artist Cheryl Cole got showed off a new tattoo the other day which makes her look like she forgot to wipe her arse and got shit up her back- and I don’t care. Not one bit.

Lots of other people do, though, which is weird.

The Sun in particular put this moron on the front page of their newspaper yesterday, showing where their priorities in worthwhile journalism lie. Not content with trailing the word “tattoo” through more dirt via Cheryl’s wonky lined arse, a second article on this “tattoo frenzy” found itself in the moron’s colouring in pages newspaper today.

Titled “Needless Cost”, The Sun reckons we’re to blame for £40 million worth of NHS costs for tattoo removal. Stating this “trend” is a “tattoo time bomb” (that’s “time bomb”, The Sun- two words, not one), the ‘article’ basically claims that we’re all getting tattoos because Cheryl Cole has, and that we’ll regret it afterwards, trying to get taxpayer’s money to remove them. It treats the dermatologist interviewed as another self righteous bigot (which I’m sure he isn’t) and wonders why celebrities and sailors have tattoos.

You don’t believe me, do you? Click here, the whole thing is on the internet.

It seems to me, every time some plastic whore on a red carpet shows off their new tattoo, there’s an article similar to this- remember the wonderful Alex Guest’s post on this site last year about David Beckham, for example?

In case any closed minded idiot is wondering, Cheryl Cole does not represent tattooing. In fact, most people I know can’t stand the badly-lined and sloppily shaded sight of her. Tattooed people are supposed to be stupid, so I could be wrong here, but I’m pretty sure I’m not a sailor, and I don’t think anyone else reading this with tattoos is either. It does not take 11 hours to get a terrible tattoo like the one you see above, and most of us are educated about the artwork which we adorn ourselves with.

Thank you very much for showing tattooing in an extremely positive light yet again, but I think people can do without such stupid ‘articles’ and make their own, hopefully unbiased, minds up next time.

I’m not my usual sunny self here today, am I? I’ll stick up something happier soon to make up for it…

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