Convention News: Brighton and Liverpool


just another small post from me today, with some convention news! The first being that the Brighton Tattoo Convention is tomorrow! Fantastic! Or, fantastic if you’re going- I’m stuck behind with a mountain of work- boo! There are going to be some fabulous artists, trade stalls and thousands of people to have fun and be friends with, and I’d personally recommend it to anyone. The convention is a two day event, though you can turn up either Saturday or Sunday if you don’t want to be there both days, and will take place at the Brighton Racecourse.

You can find out everything you need to know right here!

If you’re going to the convention, I am jealous of you- but I’d also love to see your pictures next week if you have any! Just send them to the usual address, thanks :)

Another thing you might want to be keeping an eye out for at the minute is the Liverpool Tattoo Convention, which along with having a shiny new poster (very Punk Rock, guys!), are well under way with the UK Industry Awards. This weekend, voting will close for your nominations, so if you haven’t voted already, make yourself heard!

As always, I’d love it if you voted for me, but if you think I’m a bit of a twat, please at least make your vote count towards someone who works hard and is ethical towards tattooing- this is a great thing the guys are doing for magazines, websites, suppliers and writers which we don’t usually get a lot of, so it’s lovely to see people sending good vibes from the kindness of their own hearts, and I’m very excited to see which of my friends I’ll be supporting for an award!

You can vote for the rest of the weekend, by clicking right here.

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