Bring Back Melissa’s Page!


I’m sure if you’re a regular reader of our humble site, you’ll remember Melissa from earlier this month. If you don’t, I bet you remember the calendar she’s in this year, called Puppy Love! Unfortunately, at the same time as being branded as someone who encourages bestiality (really!) and putting up with an onslaught of negative and downright horrid people, Melissa has now even been given the boot from Facebook, for absolutely no reason.

How far has this got now? Well, her own business, Our Little Secret, has been removed from Facebook too, despite there being no good reason to do so. If you’re sitting thinking, “big deal!”, here’s a link showing the effects a good Facebook page can have on a business. What were Facebook’s reasons for deleting the page? It was “hateful and obscene”- the business sells hair extensions, by the way.

dailymailMelissa’s business and modelling career puts food in her mouth, so this is a really big deal. Personally, I’m completely outraged that the Daily Mail reading, hateful fascists have managed to spew out so much hatred that it affects everything these hard working girls do. This was a calendar to raise money for a dog shelter which desperately needs the money. There is no need for the PC Police to decide for the rest of us what is “offensive”- “offensive” is nothing, it’s just an idea, and a subjective one at best- where the narrow minded Daily Mail and Telegraph lot saw something they can make some money out of through the “latest shocker”, you and I saw some great girls in a calendar, doing more than most people even bother with for charity. There is no need for any of this.

So, here I find myself calling out to you guys. I know the readers of this site are some of the best people I’ve ever spoken to, and I know how kind you can be and that’s fantastic. It would be great if you could help out Melissa, and you can do so in two ways:

You can join the Facebook group, “Bring Back Melissa’s Fan Page!” here,

Or you could even write an email to Facebook challenging their crap decisions at either this address, or this one.

It’d be fantastic to see you guys helping a friend out, and I’m sure some of you will, so thanks very much everyone!

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