Size Doesn’t Matter

image In keeping with the super serious tone of Tattoosday UK, here is Mel Noir asking you a super serious question: would you tattoo the MINI logo onto your willy if it meant you got a free MINI Cooper out of it?

It’s a pretty serious question, if only because I would love to know if there’s anyone else as crazy as Andreas Muller, who you’ve guessed it, did that exact thing. Andreas, who lives in Germany, decided getting the MINI logo tattooed onto his, ahem, neither regions would be the craziest stunt he could pull in order to win the car from a German radio show. I mean, he won the car, of course, but is it worth getting your penis tattooed for that?

If any of you guys said yes, let me re-phrase that: is it worth getting your penis tattooed with the word MINI for that? If you still said yes, you’re nuts.

Here’s the full story, huge thanks to Alexa MacDermot, who would not get her penis tattooed. Probably because she doesn’t have one.

I guess tattooists don’t just do it with little pricks, eh?

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