Farewell, but Not Goodbye!


I don’t know about you, but I hate goodbyes. Thankfully, Electric Pick’s last official day at Copenhagen’s Conspiracy Ink is definitely not his last. Yes, Electric Pick has decided to move on, as he seems to love doing- his stint at Conspiracy Ink was actually the longest he’s managed to keep still! Of course, Copenhagen will miss Electric Pick, but it won’t have to too much- from the man himself, on his blog:

So good people of Copenhagentown … Expect to always have me be a part of this corner of the world! I’ll always be back! I’ll always be a part of it! Yesterday was not my last day at the Conspiracy, it was my last day this year! I’ll never have a last day at the Conspiracy inc. in Copenhagen Denmark! Let it be known!

Take with your travels, Electric Pick, we all hope to hear from you again on your blog soon!

As soon as we hear any news on where Electric Pick is continuing his adventures, we’ll let you know!

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