Some Magazine News for you all…

Here at Tattoosday UK we love tattoo magazines, and we hope you guys do too! A couple of the newer magazines have had some cool things going on, and I’ve been able to catch it all to stick on a blog post here- you can thank me later ;)

Okay, first off, Tattooist Art made an announcement yesterday about the launch of their printed magazine:

Ladies and Gents,

Tattooist Art MagazineMany of you that been following us knew that Tattooist Art Magazine premier printed version was meant to be released end of January. Unfortunately, due to a few issues and for the sake of the magazine being released and successful, we had to postpone the release date once again. We at Tattooist Art want to release the printed version as much as you would like to grab a copy, so please bear with us a little longer and we promise to deliver something worth the wait!

In the mean time we will still be dropping our e-Mag version, and the next issue (Feb #07) will be out in the first week of February, with tons of amazing pictures, great interviews with awesome tattooists and an incredible artist who does some insane photorealism paintings. And a few other surprises :D

We will be seeing you very soon, it won’t be too long now!

Tattooist Art team.

I’ve been writing for this magazine myself, and I can honestly say that the printed issues are shaping up to be excellent, and I can’t wait for you all to read it! I’ve been very lucky to be able to interview some of the best artists in the world, and they’ve given shining interviews which I’m extremely grateful for. These tattooists put food in my mouth, so I’m extremely grateful and want their interviews on your newsstand!

Another magazine that’s doing very well is from our friends at Tattoo Revolution. The blogs Alex and Neil keep areAlex TattooRevolution-magazine fantastic, and you should check those out here and here. My favourite highlights as of late have been Neil’s adventures Down Under and the new videos the guys have been putting out on YouTube- you can subscribe to their channel here! If you buy this month’s issue, you’ll see some great things too- I finally got my copy to work on my tablet last week, and I was extremely impressed!

Last but not least, Total Tattoo magazine have released their newest issue, and although I haven’t had the chance to read it yet, it looks great! The Sonisphere and Shawn Barber features definitely seem worth the trip to WHSmiths. Another thing I thought was pretty cool with Total Tattoo is that they’ve promised the VAT increase in this country will not be effecting their merch shop for the time being, which is fantastic stuff! Great to see the guys aren’t upping their prices for a snide Total Tattoo Magazinefew quid as long as they can afford it.

That’s all I have for today, and the rest of the week! I will be seeing you all again on Monday, I hope you have a good weekend! If you can’t keep yourselves away, you can check out my personal blog where I think I’ll be posting up some news which hasn’t made the cut as of next week, as well as a few of my favourites, Tattoo Road Trip, Needles and Sins and Swallows and Daggers!

4 Responses to “Some Magazine News for you all…”
  1. Thank you hommie for posting about Tattooist Art:D, and I am with you Tattoo Revolution and Total Magazine rocks!!!

  2. Thanks, Mel! :)

    Glad we got that tablet edition working at last. I can’t wait to see the first printed edition of Tattooist Art. How weird that we’ve both got Peter Lagergren featured this month!

    Take care


  3. Marisa says:

    Thank you, darling! You’re one of my favorites!

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