Great Tattoos Round Up

You know, I see some brilliant tattoos all over the Internet every day. Today, instead of giving you guys any sort of news post, I thought I’d show off some of my favourites from my RSS feed from the last week. I’ll apologise now if you’re not a fan of neo-traditional tattoos, but they genuinely were some of the best I saw last week- must have been “International do your best neo-tradish tattoos week”.

Just a note: the links provided are the pages online where I have personally found these images, but they might not be their original home on the Internet- if you really love an artist you find here, and you want to see more of their work, their website is always the best place to look if you’re unsure.

This is a piece by Asakusa Horiyasu in Tokyo. Julene at was right- you should really take a look at the bigger images on Asakusa’s website, they’ll blow you away! This body suit has been executed so well the skin looks more like fabric, and the detail is breath taking! (Originally seen online here, photo by Martin Hladik)

This is a piece by Cris Cleen, and it just makes me jealous of its owner. Personally, I love the old fashioned Victorian themes which pop up in Neo-Traditional styles. Fun fact: Cris will be doing a guest spot at Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn in march. (Originally found online here)


I must bore a few people with Ryan Mason’s work, but to be honest I’m impressed every time he updates his blog. It’s really great to see a subject he doesn’t usually tattoo, still done in a style which is easily recognisable as a piece in his style. (Originally found online here)

Come on, did you black and grey/ dotwork fans think I would leave you disappointed? Daniel Albrigo is a tattooist I’ve been keeping my eye on for a while, and if you take a look around his site, I’m sure you’ll see why. Fan Fact #2: Daniel will also be doing a guest spot, at London’s Frith Street in April. you can email to find out about booking in an appointment, according to his blog. (Originally seen online here)

Last but not least, I thought I’d do something slightly different and show you guys a tattoo by an apprentice. This tattoo is by a guy called Brad Tompkins, who is apprenticing at Thomas Street Tattoo in Llanelli in Wales. I’m well aware this is fairly similar to the other tattoos up here, but I couldn’t help but include it, I thought it was fabulous. (Originally found online here)

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  1. Leo-Tattooist Art says:

    Great post and yes Daniel’s works rock!!!

  2. Mqnenqmn says:

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