What the Funk?


The fabulous Guy Creighton at 18 to Life (Devon, UK) showed me his website the other day for his studio, and I found something there I had to share with you guys.

Amongst the usual online portfolios and “about us” pages, one stood out as extremely intriguing. Simply titled “What the Fuck?”, this page ended up being a gold mine for pretty much everything you want to know about bad tattooists, written by a professional (and a damn good one, may I add!). of course, the page has some examples of bad tattoos for us all to laugh, but cringe over, but there is also a plethora of valuable information here for anyone fairly new to tattoos. Guy has uploaded information on Hepatitis, hygiene and safety, how to choose a good artist and some damn good advice from a professional artist.

To be honest, I really wanted to pick out a few key quotes, but there’s such a plethora of information here I can’t bring myself to do it. This is really valuable information from a quality tattoo artist. I’d suggest showing this to a friend who’s thinking about going to a “tattoo party” or dodgy studio, to give them something to think about. i know a lot of you guys think there’s no use in telling some people, but I’d like to believe that people, as dumb as they can be, can still be educated about the bad decision they may be about to make! There’s no better place to start than Guy’s page.

18 to Life – click on “What the Fuck?” in the galleries list to see the page!

That picture I’ve included from Guy’s page is just terribly depressing, isn’t it? Here’s a great tattoo, by the man himself, to finish this:


Tattoo by Guy Creighton, 18 to Life, Devon.

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