The other day I read a delightful comment on this site which I would love to share with all who may have missed it. It’s from, who you will have read about if you’ve been following this site for a while- if not, here’s the post!

Well… here it is, 2011.

Despite dire predictions, the world hasn’t come to an absolute end because Babs got some ink. There were times over the last couple of years, however, that I swore my world had ended.

Things have certainly changed over at, in the background, that is.  Ironically, events were put into motion at precisely the same time as all of this started that would result in some deeply sad times for my daughters and me.  With everything that’s been going on in our lives, we just haven’t had much time to make new dolls.  But, things have (finally!) settled down enough for us to get back to work.

It’s just the three of us now.

The sun still rises. The Earth still orbits the Sun.  Pristine Barbie dolls keep rolling off the assembly line, begging to have their reputations besmirched by DOLLtattos ink.  The outcry of many a frightened/offended/angry parent has yet to be coaxed from the deepest part of their souls.

So be it.  Cry, “Havoc!” and let slip the dolls of war!

Thanks guys, for such a great comment, and a bit of an update about the site. Doll Tattoos is a brilliant place to buy all your tattooed Barbie dolls from, you guys should all go and buy one! Since I live in the UK, it’s been hard for me to get my own, but I do know that the lovely Paul Sayce gave me a doll which he’d painted tattoos on which I cherish, so I’ll vouch for tattoos on your stuff any day ;) Check it out here!


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