Calendar Girls in the Dog House- but what the Hell for?

Drumroll....the image that's causing media-frenzie globally! get your calendar now:

Here at Tattoosday UK, we love alternative models. We may not show them that often, but they’re a great part of tattooed culture, when they’re photographed properly. This piece of news is a little out of the ordinary, though!

The fantastic lot who have put together the Puppy Love Calendar, including Melissa Hayward, Adelheid Walsh, and Agata Dembiecka (who you see in the picture above!) have been making news all over he world. Why? Because, despite this being a charity calendar for the ASH Animal Rescue in County Wicklow, people all over the globe are convinced this calendar does more harm than good, due to Agata’s March picture, where she’s seen to be nurturing a puppy. Apparently this picture, the one you see above, is “distasteful” and “wrong”. Surely I can’t be the only person who just sees a puppy next to a breast, in a great picture to promote the cause?

Just because I love to pick on the Daily Mail, here is a laughably mis-guided take on the calendar:

It’s a late entry for the most bizarre – and almost certainly the most distasteful – calendar for 2011.

A number of scantily clad women pose in colourful if flesh-baring shots taken with a range of dogs for photographs that have upset animal lovers and vets alike with its suggestion of bestiality.

Am I the only person who’s scared by the fact “Daily Mail Reporter” (I see they have to hide their names there these days!) sees this as beastiality? What the hell goes on in their house late at night for them to assume this is beastiality? Strange. Strange, and scary. To be honest, when I read an article by this ridiculously unfortunate periodical I always look at the comments of the readers for a laugh, but even the people who read the Daily Mail were mostly commenting in favour of the calendar!

“Daily Mail Reporter” isn’t the only narrow-minded “reporter” who’s written about this. Pete Wedderburn showed his lack of intelligence by mis-quoting the makers of the calendar here, among other outrageous statements from himself, The Belfast Telegraph claimed it was “anything but innocent” and the Irish Sun basically kept things simple and to-the-point, as they don’t really like to put much thought into what they’re saying.

As far as alt-girls and charity goes, I reckon this is a fantastic calendar, which raises awareness and money for a good charity! As a friend of one of the models, I have it on good authority that no animals were treated unfairly or harmed in any way, and I’m sorry to disappoint Daily Mail Reporter, but they weren’t given a “happy ending” either.

As a no-nonsense person, I’ll just put it like this: if I was to be Miss March, and I had a dog which I thought was under any sort of distress or discomfort, I would not put it anywhere near my nipple. Simple as.

If you haven’t bought your calendar for this year, make sure you get yourself a copy of Puppy Love, right here!

Sorry, I’ve written too much again, haven’t I? Here’s a beautiful tattooed lady with no pants on, for your troubles. Buy the calendar!

Santa baby... in December

8 Responses to “Calendar Girls in the Dog House- but what the Hell for?”
  1. Adelheid says:

    You simply Rock Mel!! Well written – I enjoyed that, will link the article up to my puppy-press page on my webside!! Thank you for understaning and getting it right and I am also a little bit worried about what goes on behind closed doors at homes of people who can call our product outragsous, bestiality, degrading to women and can only see a sexual act…..cop-on peeps – Listen to Mel – that’s what I say!!!! :)

  2. Conor Newman says:

    Great article :)

  3. Mel Noir says:

    Eeee thanks you guys, you rock. You rock hard.

    Adelheid, there’s no need for thanks at all- I seriously don’t get some people’s problem with you guys doing anything you can for a charity you deeply support. I mean, why would you do that? I don’t understand. I’d have a bit of a rant here about this, but it’ll be nothing you didn’t hear me ramble on about the other day, haha!

    You keep up the good work, chicka ;) Also, excited to hear about this new project you were talking about :)

  4. Laraine Forker says:

    hopefully this comment doesn’t appear multiple times (it seems to freeze once i try to post my comment.. not certain if it’s really posting), but all I truly wanted to say was great post and thanks for sharing.

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