Patrick Huettlinger at Painted Lady THIS MONTH!


To be honest, I’m fairly confident that I could just leave this picture here, tell you it’s by Patrick Huettlinger, and you’ll be more than happy with just that. So with that being said, I can imagine some of you being extremely happy that this incredibly talented artist is hitting our shores this month!

Along with dates at the Brighton and Bournemouth conventions, Patrick will also be at Painted Lady, on the 22nd and 23rd of January. Yes, this month, which means you’ll have to be quick if you want an appointment- an artist like this isn’t going to be able to sit and wait for you. You can contact Patrick at his Facebook account to arrange an appointment!

EDIT: Patrick has just been in touch to let me know he will also be at Hell To Pay in between these dates in the super- trendy Camden, so if you can’t get to Painted Lady, you can still see if you can book in with him there. Just hit the facebook link above ;)

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