2011: Now with More Portraits!

Happy New Years everyone, did you miss us? Of course you did. We’re officially back, albeit still sleepy from the holidays. I’m not going to bore or insult your intelligence with any news you’ve heard about over the past week or so, though I will link to this piece here for Shone Davis, because that’s important, yet terrible news. RIP Shone, you’ll be sorely missed. Instead, let’s jump into 2011 with something I was emailed about last night.

Nikko Hurtado has announced the release of his brand new DVD, through Tattoo Education. The new DVD is called Tattooing Dia De los Muertos Color Portraits, and basically does what it says on the tin. It covers lots of tattoo techniques, colour theory and application, and seems like a really awesome resource for any tattoo artist who wishes to expand their realism and portrait skills. Dia De Los Muertos may only occur once a year, but that tattoo is for life- better make sure it’ll stay there properly!

The DVD retails at $100 and can be bought from Tattoo Education here. As always, this is a resource which should only be used by a professional tattoo artist. Don’t be a dick.


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