Tattoosday UK: Best Posts of 2010


Well, it’s that time of year again, folks. Another time to kick back, relax and have a great time both reading the best posts of the year and laugh at my crappy Photoshop “skillz”. Fun times ahead! Thanks for another great year everyone, I promise 2011 will be even better.


You all seemed to love this one, so here it is again. It’s pretty short, but it’s as long as it has to be, to be honest. Reference material can be your friend, promise! Read more >>


If you think that’s the worst Photoshop job I can do, you’re probably wrong. Sorry, Rat! This is a post from all the way back in April, when Rat at Real Art Tattoo wrote an extra special piece about tattooing years and years (and years!) ago, to what it’s like now in comparison. Really groovy piece, thanks Rat! Read more >>


I told you my Photoshop skills could get worse. Really, someone needs to put me out of my misery. Well, here was where I wrote about conventions, anyway. This is really one of those times when I act like your mam, and bug you about making sure you have a ticket and that you’re wearing comfortable shoes. No, really. Read more >>


Back in the Summer it was blazing hot in Newcastle, which meant one thing: we needed sunscreen! A lot of people forget about sunscreen and how important it is when making sure that tattoo stays awesome for life. Be sure to protect yourself. Read more >>


The super awesome Loz was kind enough to write a few guest posts this year, and I think this is my favourite- a night at the Bizarre Ball! Great times! We managed to get to some awesome events this year, like the Peterlee Tattoo Convention and Newcastle’s Designer Bodies show too, but Loz’s adventures is probably the best, if only for the great picture of her and a clown! Read more >>


Charities are a great thing, and everyone should probably support at least one. Here at Tattoosday UK, there are three main charities we like to support. As you can see just from looking around the site, we wholeheartedly support the West Memphis Three, the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, and Children Mending Hearts. We found a way for you to give to Children Mending Hearts without it costing you a penny. Please, please, click on this link and help. Read more >>


Kim is awesome. That is all you need to know. Well, it’s not all really, so you should probably click on this link and check it out! Kim was kind enough to give us this awesome piece about how to actually become a tattoo artist or piercer, and it’s probably one of the best pieces I’ve seen as far as great information goes. Thanks, Kim! Read more >>


This was part of a Q&A idea that, frankly, never really took off. However, the one and only Q&A post was, if I say so myself, pretty awesome. Jem wanted to know what it was like to be an older apprentice, and we had some really great tattoo artists who apprenticed themselves when they were, *ahem!* slightly more mature than some. You see, I’m not lying when I tell you guys I probably do know someone who knows the answers to your questions, haha. Read more >>


Well, let’s finish with one more. To be honest I’m only choosing this one because a heck of a lot of people went truly mad at me saying tattoos aren’t cool. They’re not, we’re all dorks! Oh and there’s some serious stuff about underage tattooing too, whatever. Read more >>

So there you have it. I’m tired, and I need to buy a “Photoshop for dummies” book. Thanks for a great year though, I hope you’ve all had fun too. Next year will be brilliant, and we’ll be back properly for more fun on January 2nd. Until then, Happy New Year (and happy birthday to us on the 1st!)!

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