Mel Noir’s Christmas Message


Picture above is from Off the Map tattoo studio, and was originally posted on – I hope you guys don’t mind!

Hello there, my tattooed children,

First off, I’m really sorry for the lack of updates this past week. I won’t lie, you lot have pretty much worn me out this year, so I sort of decided to take an early Christmas break. Forgive me! This is going to be a long one, mind- don’t fall asleep or it’ll be two more sleeps ‘till Christmas instead of one!

It’s that time of year again though, and I hope Santa treats you well tomorrow. Christmas is supposed to be a time of reflection and being thankful, and we have a lot to be thankful for here! It’s been a pretty groovy year for the site and myself. As far as the blog goes, I’ve personally developed quite a lot, and I’m even closer to knowing what the hell I’m talking about, which is always a good thing. You guys seem to really like it too, as I’ve been looking at the stats every once in a while, and I’m amazed every time- you all rock, I never thought so many people would love this blog. So, if there’s anything to be thankful for, I guess it’s you– thanks, everyone!


This year has also been kind to our friends, so here’s an attempt at giving them a mention. This year, Marisa at Needles and Sins released another book/ doorstop/ zombie apocalypse defence tool (really, it’s huge!) which has done really well. Tattoo.TV has won two… count ‘em, two awards! Tattooist Art both re-imagined the digital magazine medium for tattooing, and have also made plans for a printed magazine next year. Alex and Neil have released Tattoo Revolution, which is also going really well! Bob Baxter’s Tattoo Road Trip took the tattoo blog/site to brand new levels of awesome and made me feel smart with crosswords and incredible facts and editorials about tattoos, and Sally and the Total Tattoo kids won an award too, and is still one of the best tattoo magazines in the world. I understand Bill at the original Tattoosday blog is also reaching new highs, and had the opportunity to do some more reviews and accounts of his own personal tattoo experiences too, which was fun to read!

Our friends who tattoo have also found great happiness and success, so I really should talk about that too. Our best mates at Inkslingers have had a great year, perhaps even their best yet, with great tattoos, the awesome Paul Fulton coming back to the studio and even a baby! Tim Hinton and the House of Mojo celebrated their birthday just a few weeks ago and had a great Movember get together for charity, and Tim’s been able to do some great tattoos thanks to his amazing customers. Ant Nichols and the Design 4Life crew saw what I think was the best Liverpool Convention they’ve had to date, and the Conspiracy Inc. guys have had nothing but happiness, trips to Japan and lots of jaw-dropping work, as seen by the beautiful Amelie’s blog!

Phew- there are so many other artists who’ve had a great year, but if I listed them all I’d definitely put you to sleep, so I’ll leave that one there.

Okay two more things. The first one is, this Christmas I would really like it if you thought about those who still need your help at Christmas. There are two charities that we support on this site, and I won’t harp on about them here, but if you’d be so kind to click on one of the links below, it’d be really great. The S.O.P.H.I.E and WM3 are two foundations close to my heart, and I’m hoping they both have great success next year.




The last thing on my mind? Merry Christmas, baby.

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