Top Picks of 2010: Uncle Allan

It’s that time of year again! Right before Christmas, the same thing happens: tattooists start to wind down a little, and realise they’re about to have what some of them see as their only time off of the whole year for Christmas. Due to this, there isn’t a lot of news floating around! It’s almost time for Tattoosday UK to also take a break too (we have two, depending on if I’m at a music festival in the Summer, fact fans), so I thought we’d wind down from a hectic year too, and start thinking about some of the great things that have been going on this year.

What better place to start than with Uncle Allan? He’s popular enough to be an obvious choice, but there’s a good reason for it. This year, Uncle Allan has been putting out even more awesome work, and is kind enough to put it all on a blog too, so us mortals can see it. Here are two of my favourites, from May and June this year:


The above tattoo is typical Allan- it’s intricate, and beautiful but not too over the top. Uncle Allan knows how to use space really well, and the consistency in his lining and shading is brilliant! The colour scheme is classy, I reckon, as is the subject- timeless!


Everyone who reads this site knows I can’t resist a good Michael Jackson tattoo. I’ve never seen one like this before, I really like how Uncle Allan has really made it his own, especially with the way he’s drawn Michael in his own style instead of just tracing a photo. The roses are really cool too, I love the contrasting colours in it.

Overall, I’m really excited to see what Uncle Allan comes out with next year too- no pressure, haha!

Tomorrow, I think I’ll try to focus on a lesser known artist, because it’s been an awesome year for many tattoo artists, not just those who people always know about. If there’s anyone in particular you want to see here, feel free to let us know- we could even have some reader submissions! Please don’t choose artists who only have portfolios on things like Facebook though, because I’m always wary of using pictures that artists don’t want published. If you’re unsure, just tell me about them anyway, and I’ll look into it ;)

3 Responses to “Top Picks of 2010: Uncle Allan”
  1. Allan’s had a bloody fantastic year! Good choice, Miss Noir. :)

  2. Tattooist Art says:

    His works are so damn nice.
    Nice article :D

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