Bill Reviews Troll Skin!

Over at Tattoosday today, Bill has taken a turn away from his usual posts, as he does once in a blue moon, and written an absolutely fantastic review for Troll Skin. You can thank him later.

There are so many different aftercare treatments out there at the minute, and I know myself it can be a little confusing! In this room I’m in right now, I can see After Inked, Hemlock and Tweed, Bepanthen (my personal favourite!) and some Troll stuff of my own. I wanted to do my own review, but I didn’t have a fresh tattoo at hand to experiment with, so it’s cool that Bill did. Here’s an excerpt:

The Troll Cream instructions indicated I could safely apply the product as part of the initial tattoo treatment. Not only did the recommendation of keeping it in the refrigerator help soothe the new tattoo upon application
of the cream, but it was 90% neater. No gooey mess to confront, and no clothing had to be sacrificed. This is because the product is water-based, so it absorbs better into the skin and less into the fabric around it.

More importantly, the healing process went faster than I remembered it had in the past. I was starting to see the peeling process as early as Saturday, only three days after getting the tattoo. This can be attributed to ingredients like natural oils from jojoba, sesame seed, almond, and avocado, as well as sea kelp extracts, Epidermal Growth Factor and Copper Peptides.

Bill’s review is absolutely fantastic, and incredibly detailed too, so you honestly need to check this one out, which you can do here! The link includes photos from his tattoo’s healing time, so you can really get to see how this stuff works. It’s a great read, and Bill is super cool for being brave enough to try this out on a new tattoo!

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