A Sacred Transformation


For a few people, tattoos are a lot like therapy. I can kind of see where a lot of them are coming from- some cover up scars, some mark the past and some just want to re-invent themselves. In some ways, it’s really cool that people can take something like tattooing and make it positive. If anything, we need more things like that. But it’ll never be therapy. Therapy is a lot more than a few optimistic words and a permanent mark, it’s something that people spend years training to give, and requires a lot of detailed education. However, when you can successfully combine the two, what happens? Sacred Transformations, that’s what.

Eric Dean Spruth is a tattoo artist who, along with his wife Sarah and some volunteers, has managed to bring Sacred Transformations to life in Chicago. Putting together a career as a tattoo artist and a master’s degree in Art Therapy, the pair have managed to give people a great sense of empowerment and hope in their lives.

Of course, this isn’t all about getting a new tattoo. Anyone wishing to participate must go through applications, and they have to qualify by completing goals given to them. Once they qualify, they’re given the chance to choose a new tattoo. It’s sort of like having scars, except with a positive reason behind them. Speaking to the Post Tribune, Eric explained:

When clients look at their new tattoos, they trigger an affirmation for their current being, and it is now a commitment to moving ahead to a new, positive lifestyle.

At the moment, the guys are in need of some volunteers, to help with administrative aspects of the non-profit organisation. As someone who is busy doing a degree in advice and counselling, I’d say this is a great opportunity to volunteer for those of you living in the area. Volunteer work plays a great role in landing you with a counselling job, why not combine that with a passion for tattooing, too?

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