Horiyoshi III to go down the Ed Hardy Route?


You will either love this or hate it. For that reason, I will try my best to stay neutral.

Horiyoshi III has been selling t shirts with his designs on for a while now, marching to the same beat as many other artists who do the same, offering his fans a great way to wear his artwork now that he isn’t taking on any new customers. However, after signing new multi-million pound deals with Zyndy Trade Corp, is it possible that one of the world’s favourite Japanese artists is on the verge of becoming another cash cow for greedy corporations?

The whole thing reminds me of Ed Hardy and his clothing line. Whether you love or hate him, many people have terrible opinions of Ed Hardy after putting his name and art on t shirts, jackets, accessories and even bottled water- is it possible people are also to associate Horiyoshi III with such opinions, too? On the other hand, is it possible that people will look at Horiyoshi III’s work and think, “that’s how tattoo inspired clothing is supposed to be done”? I can’t answer that one for you, kids, you’ll have to come to your own conclusions.

The “tattoo politics” and apparent greed of corporations milking the art as of late is something that is extremely important to some, and it seems that having an artist like Horiyoshi III also making a lot of money this way could go two ways. He could be another slave to the machine, or a great improvement and breath of fresh air to a type of brand that will be exploited with or without him. It seems only time will tell.

One Response to “Horiyoshi III to go down the Ed Hardy Route?”
  1. John Mack says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with tattoo artists’ designs on clothing. It’s a nice semi-retirement activity for them.

    At some point everyone becomes unable to tattoo. These people made work their life. To sit around and do nothing is a death sentence for them. Shame on anyone who suggests such a thing.

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