A Note on Artists’ Work and Submissions!


Hello there my little tattooed children,

Lately I’ve been getting a few emails asking why I don’t feature certain artists, or how I dare forget to put some work up by *insert artist’s name here*. Just to clear up one or two things, let me tell you about how I work. When I’m looking around the vast seas of the Internet, I see a lot of awesome tattoos- a lot of the time, however, I see them on sites like Facebook, MySpace or Tattoo.TV. Many tattoo artists put their photos up there as “friends only”, and I would feel crappy about taking those pictures and putting them on a site which is available to everyone. Other times, I have no idea who the picture even belongs to, and I don’t want to piss anyone off about that, either!

Instead, most of the images of tattoos on this website are on tattoo artists’ blogs (which are already available to the general public) or have been sent into the site. Other times I just see a really awesome piece of work by an artist I know, who gives me permission to use the picture. Of course, the artists are credited every time!

So with that being said, if you’d like to see your work up here, get in touch! There are many different ways to, which you can see here. Also, if you know of a tattoo artist with a great blog, don’t hesitate to send that in, or stick a comment in below!

The Internet’s a place where you can easily gain from other peoples’ work, but I don’t work that way, and I try to be as ethical as I can, and I hope you guys all appreciate that. I get sent some lovely things from time to time, and I’d love to see more!

Thanks to everyone who has sent in pictures, you’re all awesome.

Mel Noir.

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