Ban this Sick Filth!


Hello there everyone- it is Thanksgiving for our American friends, am I right? Happy thanksgiving!

While you’re all getting stuck into some turkey and veg, here in the UK it’s business as usual, which unfortunately means that we can’t go a day without our favourite publication, The Daily Mail. Shame.

The bigoted, dogmatist writers of the publication have once again turned their ugly heads towards tattooing, wondering why “this disease has spread through sport”. The terribly written and outright prejudice “article” can be read here, if you’d like to bother with it. Here’s the spark notes version: for some sad reason, the writer of this article does not like those with tattoos. Through the primal urges weak minded individuals feel, this writer has put those with tattoos into one category, and those who perform well in sports in another. Through doing this, their pathetic opinions cause discrimination towards a group of people who are actually incredibly diverse. Really, you can read about prejudice in scholars’ articles, this is how this happens.

What’s sad about this pitiful excuse for an article is the fact that this still represents a lot of people in our country. Why do we feel the need to feel disgust for those with different interests, appearance and beliefs? Reading some of the comments included in that article, it’s an eye-opening fact that people still feel the need to discriminate against others.

As far as my own feelings go, I can’t say I feel the same disgust for Geoffrey Weatcroft (the “writer”) as he does for me. Instead I pity him for being so weak minded, and for infecting our media with his uneducated opinions instead of finding out where they come from and tackling them to make him a better person. I give complete unadulterated sympathy towards someone unable to have respect for his fellow man. I feel disappointed with the fact this man clearly can not do his job properly (never write about something you have no idea of, and know your reader- they teach you that in school, Geoffrey). But I do not feel disgust towards him, as I’m not an idiot.

I’d love to know how some of you feel about it too- feel free to pop in a comment and make yourself heard. The comments are usually very friendly, and you can make up a name if you’d like to. I don’t make my readers sign away their privacy for the sake of letting themselves be known.

4 Responses to “Ban this Sick Filth!”
  1. doctor j says:

    also google jeremy clarkson tattoo article for more prime ignorance from a product tester posing as a legitimate journalist…

    • Mel Noir says:

      Ah, Jeremy Clarkson! I don’t think there are many people on TV as opinionated as that guy, haha. This is what happens when people talk about things they have no idea about, to be honest! On this site, I’ve never been able to really write about scarification properly, so I rarely do it- this is because it’s something I just don’t really understand fully, as to why people choose it over tattoos. I’ll get there eventually though. The difference between these “journalists” and those like myself is that we wouldn’t bother writing about things we don’t understand. Unfortunately, some do, and this causes bad repercussions with those who are easily influenced by this. Terrible business, really.

  2. Alex says:

    It’s always the same junk from the Daily Fail, each and every time! It could be argued that there’s no such thing as a wrong opinion, but it’s too early to dig into the minutiae of how important an informed opinion is…

    Mel, I think you’ve got a great perspective on this article in saying that you pity such a weak mindset. It reeks of fear of the unknown and the misunderstood. I’d love to have posted some artwork from Shige or Jeff Gogue on there and ask whether such astounding talent would be snubbed by the world of ‘Fine Art’ because of its origins (though I think we all know the answer to that one).

    To be honest, I love the subversive element that tattooing still holds. No matter how ‘mainstream’ it gets (man, I hate that phrase in relation to tattoos!) there will always be something about body art that scares the crap out of the upper classes, and I don’t think that’s such a bad thing.

    • Mel Noir says:

      Hey Alex,

      I completely agree, especially with what you said about it maybe coming from fear of what Geoffrey clearly doesn’t understand. Prejudice and discrimination comes from many different things- I spent a whole semester a year ago at university looking at it, actually, so I’m probably pretty opinionated on the subject, haha! There are some great journal articles which I found interesting, actually- let me know if you’d like me to send you a couple!

      I do like the subversive element of tattoos, too, but at the same time I don’t. It’s strange really! I like the fact that small minded people make themselves known to me quicker so I know to ditch them, to be honest- and my tattoos are one way which brings out the worst in some people! At the same time though, when I walk down the streets in Newcastle I see more people with tattoos, which I also don’t see as a bad thing.

      If I could be bothered to waste my energy on people like this, I would actually send the Daily Mail some artwork from Shige, as you said, or of artists like Eckel and Mo Cop, without telling them they’re tattoo artists- see what they think, haha!

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