We have a Winner!


I’m extremely happy today to be able to let you all know that my favourite tattoo website (apart from this one, of course, haha!), Tattoo.TV, has won the award for Best Community at the Eircom Spider awards this week!

Even though it’s worth it alone to see the site win at such a prestigious event (a tattoo website? You mean those heathens can read and write?!), this also means Tattoo.TV has been properly recognised for, as they say to your left, “[opening’] up new communication avenues” and benefiting users, which means a lot to everyone who works for the site.

From the site’s forum, founder (and my boss!) Martin McIver said:

The community won this word as a whole, you guys make this the place it is, we just try and make it look nice! I,m really proud of what we’ve all built here, and your efforts, votes, support, creativity and help are all immensely appreciated. Without the unbelievable artistic skills of tattooers places like this don,t exist, so thanks to them for giving us so much to love :)

Well said!

For everyone who reads this site who was encouraged to vote through my shameless plugs and begging, thank you very much! It’s always fantastic to see members of our community supporting one another and letting ourselves be heard!

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