Credit where it’s due


Honestly, how many of you guys have used Google to look for a tattoo design? It’s alright, you can admit it! Question is, how many times have we searched on the internet and ended up looking at pictures of other people’s tattoos? While a lot of people see Google and tattoo publications as some sort of catalogue of ideas they can steal, I’d just like to put a small friendly reminder here: I do not mind people using the images on this website. Hell, I didn’t even take a good chunk of them. What I do, however, is give credit to the artist in every picture on this site. And so should you. If a customer pays an artist for a custom tattoo, then have some decency and don’t allow others to steal it, please. Tattoo artists shouldn’t have to worry about who’s ripping off their work, but while it’s still happening, don’t add fuel to the fire!

Thanks a lot guys, and be warned: I know exactly where these images end up- don’t mess with nerds.

Mel Noir

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