Lest We Forget


If you haven’t already noticed, it’s Memorial Day over here in the UK. Awesome. I love Memorial Day, it’s good to be able to feel thankful for those who’ve laid down their lives for us.

I was looking around the internet for a great tattoo I could put up here, and although this is a picture of an unfinished tattoo, it’s still an awesome one. This was on TCB Tattoo’s Flickr page, and the work is by Alie. I really love how this looks. A lot of the time, it can be a little weird putting red and green next to each other, but Alie really pulled it off and made it look beautiful.

Similarly, Inkslingers in Newcastle had a poppy day special, which I was sad to have had to miss due to the mounds of work on my desk. If you have your own poppy tattoo, feel free to send it in!

Despite some hateful people trying their best to ruin it for others in London today, Memorial Day still had a great feel of community and a warm heart this year.

One Response to “Lest We Forget”
  1. Jemmy says:

    :3 Awesome tattoo, I love it! The colouring on the flowers is magnificent!!

    I was quite upset yesterday when I found that I’d lost my poppy in Liverpool. Then I realised that it meant I could get another one, thus giving more money to the charity! :) Anyway, I ended up buying three poppies and a badge. Even with a poppy tattoo I’d still buy those little paper ones every year. It’s a great celebration of life and bravery!

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