Awesome new Books by Philadelphia Eddie and Mo Coppoletta!

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This week I’ve been really lucky and got my hands on two new tattoo books. I know, I’m really lucky! Both books focus on one artist (mainly) and offer an exciting insight into their worlds.

The first book here, which was given to me by the fabulous Eric Foemmel, is the first volume of Philadelphia Eddie’s book. This book is absolutely fantastic. This is old school tattooing- crazy, dirty, exciting yet somehow also beautiful. The book is full of wonderful pictures and old flash sheets, and even comes with a disk in the back where you can listen to Eddie talking for the book. Trust me, if you’re not familiar with the way Eddie tells a story, you’ll want to listen to those recordings.

515zZR4DuLLThe second book is a lot calmer than Eddie’s! This is Mo Coppoletta’s The Family Business, which was sent to me from Pavilion Publishing, and documents and pays tribute to the first seven years his studio of the same name has been open. The book is extremely image-heavy, with not much at all in terms of writing. This book lets the images speak for themselves, which is something I actually really respect in tattooing. One thing I really loved was the tracing paper pages of sketches, which turn over to show the finished tattoo on the other side. The book oozes class and beauty, and is something to really get lost in.

Both of these books were actually sent to me for some book reviews in Tattooist Art #1, so I’m trying to keep things short here, as I could talk about each one for hours, more than likely (no really, I talk to much). So, with that being said, I’d recommend you to take a look at Tattooist Art’s first issue when it comes out if you’re unsure on what to buy with your Christmas money! Don’t worry, of course I’ll be telling you all when that’s out, haha. Big big thanks to Eric Foemmel and Pavilion Publishing!

One Response to “Awesome new Books by Philadelphia Eddie and Mo Coppoletta!”
  1. leo says:

    I am so looking forward to this one :D sounds awesome!!!

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