UK Industry Awards are BACK!

Hello lovelies, having a good start to the week? You can file this post under, “Things which I should have really written about last week”.


The UK Industry Awards, presented at the fabulous and fun Liverpool Tattoo Convention, is already in full swing for its second year. Right now, it’s nomination time, and it’s where your vote really counts! Here are the nominations, you may notice a couple of new exciting categories:

– Best Tattoo Journalist 2011
– Best Tattoo Photographer 2011
– Best UK Tattoo Publication 2011 ( Book, Magazine or other printed publication )
– Best International Tattoo Publication 2011
– Best Online Tattoo Resource 2011
– 2011 Ethical Supplier Award
– Peoples Choice Best UK Male Artist 2011
– Peoples Choice Best UK Female Artist 2011
– Peoples Choice Best International Male Artist 2011
– Peoples Choice Best International Female Artist. 2011

Last year, you guys honoured me by nominating me for Best Tattoo Journalist, and I don’t even think I’ve thanked you enough! Even more fabulously, Tattoo.TV actually won the Online Resource award, wow! We were made up about that!

If you would like to vote, you can get yourself onto this page and make yourself heard. I’d love to sell myself out and say “vote for Mel Noir for best journalist!”, but instead I’ll just tell you to vote for who you like, because that’s fair (and the nominees will be my friends!). Have fun!

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