First Look: Tattoo Revolution Magazine #1


Well, it’s finally here! Tattoo Revolution, the brand spanking new tattoo magazine by Alex Guest and Neil Dalleywater is on sale now! It’s only been out for around half an hour, but I managed to catch it just as it came out to get the review to you all. I know, you can thank me later.

From the first flick through of the magazine, I can tell this is one I’ll be coming back to a few times over the month- there’s a lot in here. There are, of course, the usual things you’ll find in a magazine, such as artist interviews and news, but there are also things which you don’t usually get, like the diary of an apprentice and drawing tutorials. I really love that, this is really a magazine which is going against the norm. The artists are of a great quality, of course, and the magazine looks and feels great, just like a tattoo magazine should do.

Where pros and cons are concerned, I’ll keep it short: I found the digital copy sort of hard to navigate around, and signing up for my digital issue was a little irritating, as it’s easy to miss things out on the form! Next month, I’ll have to stop being impatient and wait for the printed issue to come out instead (which you can find next week, by the way!)

As for what was great about this issue, I have no idea where to begin. The cover itself looks and feels like a tattoo magazine, instead of some FHM rip off with tattoos inside, which was something I loved. The content itself is varied, and it has things that other magazines don’t- but perhaps should?

image image

Overall I think my favourite thing about the magazine is the artists which are included- who include Marcus MaGuire, Russ Abbott and Tony Ciavarro. This could be a personal thing, but I loved the fact this wasn’t a magazine filled with the same colour realism pieces from cover to cover. I’m personally sick of seeing that. Instead, this magazine has varied artists and styles, and artists who can actually draw, which is something that the industry has been missing lately.

Well done lads- you’ve passed the Tattoosday UK test! If you’d like your own copy of the issue, get to and order your digital copy, or get it printed in your newsagents on Friday the 29th.

EDIT: Sorry those links were rubbish, Alex let me know about it and they’re now fixed- sorry for any confusion!

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