City of Steel: The Industry Speaks.


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Oh yes, we’re at it again with Jodie Marsh. Fun. Right now, a lot of people are going a bit mental, and they have every right to be, really! Jodie Marsh was spotted yesterday at the Sheffield City of Steel tattoo convention actually judging a competition. The same woman who went on TV the other week to exploit the industry and tattoo someone after a pathetic excuse for an apprenticeship.

Understandably, those in the industry who actually care about it are far from happy. “Livid” is a word I keep seeing over Facebook, in fact! This time, instead of whining, some are speaking out, and urging the organisers of the convention to question their actions. This message has been circulating since yesterday:

Mark Fretwell,

Following your blatant disregard for the tattoo industry that you claim to love with the events surrounding TV “celebrity” Jodie Marsh and your tattoo convention, many of us within the industry are here to speak out. Having someone who exploits  and disrespects tattooing being a guest at your convention makes a mockery out of tattooing. It shows the inexperienced that the precious craft which we fight to keep respectable is something which anyone can walk into and be respected for. It makes tattooing into more of a ‘scene’ than a craft, and it is something which anyone re-sending this does not agree with. You are contributing to the shallow and greedy people who are willingly killing the tattoo industry from the inside. We, as a community, implore you to reconsider your choice of judges at future conventions.

PLEASE REPOST then copy>paste and email to

Honestly, I think it’s awesome that those who care are taking a minute out of their time to make their disgust for this to be known. When we go to conventions, we want our judges to be the cream of the crop, and we definitely do not want another greedy idiot trying to tell us our tattoo isn’t good enough when they cannot draw a cupcake. Will the emails make any difference? Who cares- as my friend Paul McCartney (not that one!) told me today, “God loves a trier!” So, feel free to make yourself heard, and re-post, paste into emails and let your feelings known!

Oh, and take a look at Alex Guest’s take on this too, here, which is put into far better words than my own!

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