The Sugar Project is back!

imageFollowing the success of last year’s fantastic charity project, The Sugar Project is back, and looking for artists!

The sugar Project is an amazing example of what can happen when those in the tattoo community work together to do something fantastic. The basic idea is that around 70 tattoo artists are given a skull, which they will paint whichever way they like and auction through the project for a chosen charity. This year’s charity is Rise, which helps support victims of domestic abuse.

The project will kick off on March 1st 2011, but for now, there is a page on Tattoo.TV’s website, as they’re one of the proud sponsors of the project. From there, you can find out a little more about what’s going on, see last year’s amazing skulls (Rat and Leah Moule’s are my personal favourites!) and sign up to create your own skull if you’re a tattoo artist. It’s a great project to get involved in, so make sure you sign yourself up or start saving to buy a skull now!

The Sugar Project

3 Responses to “The Sugar Project is back!”
  1. Mark Bester says:

    if you need any extra help with the project,we,re more than willing to contribute!!!

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