Beyoncé Cashes In

imageHere’s something you don’t see every day. Or isn’t it? Right now, there are far too many people taking advantage of the tattoo industry for their own gain, making it look… well, pretty stupid, really. We have the TV shows, the clothing lines and even magazines that make tattooing look like a trend or a fashion accessory, so perhaps it’s not really any wonder why the image to your left didn’t even surprise me.

Before you have a heart attack, singer Beyoncé Knowles hasn’t “jumped on the bandwagon” (others’ words, not mine!) and covered herself in tattoos. This is actually for her range of temporary tattoos which she’ll be selling from Sephora from November 1st.

Sephora is no stranger to milking tattooing for what it’s worth- last year TV cartoon character Kat Von D released her own range of make up through the make up line, which funnily enough included a set of make up designed to cover up tattoos. Why the change of heart, Sephora? Oh yes, money, of course.

I can’t help but wonder when it’ll all end. Right now, Beyoncé is nothing but an example of what we’ve already got in tattooing- too many people who don’t actually know or care about tattooing making far too much money from making a mockery of it. Tattoos aren’t for the tacky and talentless, despite the impression your Ed Hardy t shirt gives.

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