Tattooist Art: IN PRINT SOON!

Issue 4 cover

Sometimes I come to write here and I have a fantastic “well duh!” moment where I realise I should have written about something ages ago. Well, after more than a few of you asking me about it, I’ve finally put two and two together and realised I should really write about this!

Unfortunately, Tattooist Art will not have an issue out this month. I know, it’s all really sad and suchlike, but there are better things on the way! The first is that I have joined Leo and Jinxi to be a part of the writing team for the magazine. I’m really excited to be writing for this publication, as well as continuing my work elsewhere. The second big big big piece of great news is that Tattooist Art will be in print very soon in the UK! From Leo’s notice:

I am working on a printed version, as well as trying to implement a new system in regards to the e-Magazine. That’s right! Tattooist Art will soon be available in print! I am working hard, together with Jinxi Caddel and Mel Noir, on the Tattooist Art premier printed version. It has been a huge challenge to try and simultaneously design both the e-issue and the printed version, so I decided to concentrate on the printed magazine (which will also include an electronic version) as soon as it‘s ready to go. Tattooist Art thanks you for your patience and assures you that this short break will be well worth it very soon. WE WILL BE BACK with more tattoos, art, and inspiration that ever before!

We’re all working as much as we can go make sure everything is awesome for you all, so thank you for keeping in contact with the magazine! I will let everyone know as soon as we have a date for the first printed issue.

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