Thomas Hooper and the infinite Backpiece

imageOkay I lied- this isn’t infinite at all, it only took 12 sessions, which is pretty impressive when you look at the detail in this! Thomas Hooper, the artist behind this fantastic piece of work, has been kind to those who follow his blog, and put up pictures from each session so we can see how it came together, session by session.

I love it when artists do this, it really gives an insight into the ways artists have to plan out big pieces in order to make them work over multiple sessions. The finished result is amazing, and unmistakably a Thomas piece. There’s a skull, an eye and a lot of delicate shading and dotwork, and it’s done by the one guy who can put them altogether and create something wonderful. Fantastic stuff!

If you’d like to see everything else (the picture to your left is session 10) for yourself, along with a badass video, be sure to click on the link here!

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