Help us help Jonik!

imageI received a message from my good friend Jonik yesterday, who runs Unique Canvas Tattoo Studio (and hopefully doesn’t mind me using his picture here, haha!). Jonik is taking things to the extreeeeeme this weekend, taking part in the PARA 10 Challenge. It’s some pretty intense stuff:

It involves walking fast and ‘TABBING’ over a 10 mile cross country course, up and down steep hills, over rocky ground and through water, carrying a 35lb Burgen + water & food if needed, wearing army boots or similar.

Wow! Of course, since Jonik isn’t that crazy, he has a really good reason for doing all of this. Those involved will be raising money for for JJ’s Memorial Fund, a charity for paras and their families who are injured in battle. They’ll be going back to Afghanistan shortly, and need all the help and support they can get. I’m certain the tattooed and un-tattooed alike can see why sponsoring Jonik is a fantastic idea, so here’s a quick copy and paste:

If you wish to donate or sponsor [Jonik] please contact the charity through their website;email; or phone number, speak to Kara, Joyce or Jeff and say you want to sponsor:

You can pay on your card or send cheques/postal orders to them direct.

Please help me raise money by sponsoring me on my challenge. :)

You can find out more on the following websites:

I know you’re all a charitable bunch, so I’m hoping you guys dig deep into those pockets and pull out a bit of dolla for a fantastic, hard working tattoos artist who wants to give something great back to his community. Minions…. go! ;)

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