Tattoo.TV News Round-Up

I probably shouldn’t write these before I do Tattoo.TV’s news for the day, but since I missed writing this on Friday (honestly, I couldn’t keep my eyes open all day, haha!). I’ll write this first and you can see today’s news on the site, or here on Friday. As always, Tattoosday UK is not affiliated with Tattoo.TV in any way, this is just something I wrote for someone else which you might like.

imageInk Exhibit puts New Canvas on Show

The CUB Art Gallery in Washington is preparing for their new exhibit, called Ink. It’s pretty Ronseal really- what’s different is that members of the public were invited to show their own tattoos to be a part of the exhibit, which was pretty cool. In all honesty though, I’m speaking to you on a blog now so I can be opinionated- did anyone else think it was a little lame that the tattoos were judged on the stories behind them, instead of their artistic merit? These tattoo sob stories are going a little too far, in my honest opinion. Either way, it’s nice to see tattoos in galleries, so I’d still recommend reading about it here!


Is Another Reality TV On the Cards?

They’re filming another tattoo- themed “reality” TV show at the minute- y’know, in case you missed the other ones. I’ll admit this is another story I’m being pretty cynical over, but it seems I’m not the only one. A lot of people are saying the girl in the image to your left here played Aubrey in LA Ink, is that right? Disappoint yourself with this news story here– because y’know, we need something to vent about.


These Aren’t the Boards You’re Looking For

This is a story I desperately wanted to write more on, but I had to write quickly to go out and see the Mr’s band play. Sorry about that- thankfully, the link I put at the end of this one should fill you in on anything else you may have wanted to know. Honestly though, what more do you need to know? Star Wars AND tattoos. Wow, that’s enough, right? See the story here.

More news later on tonight, and almost every day (depending on what’s out there!) on Tattoo.TV – you know it makes sense.

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