Artist portfolios now on your iPhone, iPod or iPad!

imageWith some tattoo artists, you just want to take their portfolio everywhere with you. Whether you’re wishing you had facebook in the pub to show a mate, going crazy without computer access or you’re just bored and want to see what your favourite artist is up to, having their portfolio in the palm of your hand sounds like a great thing to have.

We already have iPod applications like Tattoo of the Day, by New York Adorned, which are awesome- so it was inevitable that these iPod applications specific to artists were going to emerge too! is behind all of this, and they’ve been so kind as to offer the apps for free too! With these apps, you can look though an artist’s portfolio, artwork, biography, calendar and even perhaps find more depending on the artist. All in the palm of your hand- now that’s technology!

So far, I’ve managed to find applications for Lorcifer, Jeremiah Barba and Tim Kern, but it would be great to see if the site can come out with any more of these for artists who love to do other styles of work. Can you find any more? Get in touch in the comments!


To download any of these, I find searching in the apps directory for ‘Lorcifer’, ‘jBarba’ or ‘Tim Kern’ brings up what you’re looking for ;)

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