Hello, lovelies, hands up who, from you tattoo artists, would love to work in Newcastle, have a lovely private room to tattoo in and occasionally have yours truly turn up with Gregg’s finest cupcakes? My good friends Ian and Hayley are once again looking for an artist- here’s a copy and paste job from a while ago when they were on the hunt. Good luck!

imageThe guys in the studio are pretty busy right now, and Ian and Hayley are having a baby!We have customers coming in all the time, so Ian’s looking for another two tattoo artists to come in, especially to fill the space left behind when Hayley is away on maternity leave.

If you’re a tattoo artist in the area and would love to work here, you MUST have at least four years of checkable studio experience, and a photographic record of the tattoos and artwork you’ve done over the past 12 months. If you don’t have these, don’t apply, please. Ideally you’ll be a good artist who’d like to make a name for themselves, but can also leave the ego at the door to be able to learn from others. The guys don’t rely on flash tattoo art, so the standard Ian is looking for is high.

This is a great opportunity for any aspiring artist. You’ll get to work in a great studio right in the middle of Newcastle, with some fantastic artists and have imagea great time doing what you love.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, you can pop Ian a message on facebook here, or click on the advert at the side of the site.

Oh, one more thing: Hayley is now about to pop, so you should be able to work in the studio ASAP!

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